Dave and I found each other through our mutual love of music. When the world and it’s inhabitants overwhelm us we go to music for healing. Music is a universal language that everyone understands in spite of barriers, usually… such example is this amazing video by metal band ‘Disturbed’ and is a classic folk tune brought to life in a revolutionary way. Judging by the comments on You Tube there are many people who prefer the origianl version sung by Simon and Garfunkel. I actually like this twist on that song. It’s powerful, fresh and uplifting. To say I’ve listened to it and watched it a hundred times or more is an understatement.

I read an article on London Evening Standard last week about two men who escaped their care home to attend a metal band concert. They were found 2 days later at the concert ‘a little disoriented and confused’ but thoroughly enjoying the concert! I would do that if this was the band and concert playing xx


The Joke’s on Me

Immediately after hitting publish I recall a frequent conversation with my partner. Most people have the attention span of a gnat, or less than one.

There are many things that contribute to that. Some are bonafide disorders of the brainwaves. More often than not today’s technology contributes greatly to inattentiveness. It’s rather annoying to try to have a conversation with someone who’s constantly on the phone, tablet, laptop, computer, fit bit. Forget writing and reading when you can access Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google search to get information instantly. What writer can compete with less than 10 seconds and come up with a million searches or topics? Perhaps I should resort to using strictly emojis to say what I need to say.


My thoughts on getting older

I am not really sure how to get started on this journey. I do know that on most days I have a lot of thoughts and experiences that I feel compelled to write about. I used to try talking to people about it all but have found that most folks are just trying to live and get by and don’t necessarily have the time or inclination to discuss anything at length. So I’ve decided to write here and if anyone is searching for answers or maybe just someone to relate to then maybe this blog will help. If not I hope it will help me make sense of and come to grips with this process. Mostly so I can sleep at night as that seems to be the time most often that events come back to my mind and prevent sleep.

Foremost this morning is people’s mindset on older folks. It’s as though when you reach the magical age of say, 40 years old you are suddenly middle aged and that comes with a surprising host of issues.

  1. When you’re out shopping for clothing, jewelry, make up or music I’ve often been overlooked by shop clerks who ‘naturally’ gravitate to younger people. I ‘assume’ it’s because I look old and have somehow become invisible. That’s not always the case. I recently went looking for a pair of shoes at Journey’s  a store that mostly caters to the younger set with hip, up to date styles. Years ago I went there to find shoes for my offspring and was always successful. The shoes are high quality and made to last. I don’t recall the young person’s name who assisted me but wow I was so impressed with his conscientious and attentiveness towards me. He actually heard me and helped me find what I was looking for. He treated me like a person. We laughed and talked whilst I shopped and in the end found exactly what I was looking for. He even recommended that the pair I’d originally thought I wanted might not be what I actually needed and he was right. I left the store that day feeling cared about and a part of the human race once more.